by Lisa

I don’t know how I missed this, but I found this post, languishing in my Drafts folder, and, well…better late than never.  When we were in NJ, my great friend Molly had us over for the day, and we did lots of fun things, including the Circus on the Barge. But maybe the most fun was the BBQ on the roof of her Red Hook house.  Molly and her husband have spent a few years building a really cool modern home, smack in the middle of a incredibly cool mixed use neighborhood (where there were more kids square block than on my suburban street, and also cool coffee shops and bars and boutiques and industrial spaces and well…we could easily make ourselves very happy as their neighbors…)

Their roof is awesome, and her husband fired up the charcoal grill and cooked piles of meat: sausage, chicken, hot dogs….and corn…


we had impromptu tables of vegetables and dip and breads and salad:




coolers of drinks for adults and kids, and lots of old friends. There were lots of little ones, too, who had a fine time eating and cooling off in the tub/pool sunken into the corner of the roof/patio. The adults had an outrageous Key Lime Pie and for the kids,  of course, no  east coast childhood is complete without these:p1100352

even if they no longer come from a truck.

It was a pretty perfect barbeque.  Thank you, Molly & family, and all my friends.