photo-13The farm, the lake, the city.  Food was not the highlight of our vacation, and it was not as central to the experience as it was other years. We ate our favorite things, but we weren’t exploring anything new. Except the blueberry harvest. This year, we I did as much as possible to keep it easy, fresh, simple. This meant: all shopping completed before we arrived at the house. Staples from Trader Joes, bags of blueberries from the orchard, bread from the bakery.  We grilled, we packed lunches, we had granola, pancake mix, and eggs and bacon for breakfast.  We had meat to grill and vegetables for salads and plenty of chips for snacks. But it was vacation, after all, and we also had two nights in Ashland at the Shakespeare festival, and those were restaurant nights. One night, was not so good, but the other was terrific.  Both nights, the plays were magic.  If you can get thee to Ashland before the festival closes in October, get your tickets and just go. You’re welcome. I have nothing more to say except that the only thing more fantastic than watching Midsummer Night’s Dream on a midsummer night, in an outdoor theater, as the sun slowly sets on the fairy and mortal worlds is being able to enjoys your midsummer night’s cocktail in your seat.