It’s one of the most common tropes of childhood eating, the kid who will only eat white food. Lisa’s son did it briefly, and as a child, my brother wouldn’t tolerate soy sauce on his rice, only table salt. What do you do with kids like that? Do you just wait it out, trusting that eventually they’ll want some color in their meals? Do you stuff them with vitamins? Do you sneak spinach into their brownies?

Dani is an actress and writer based in LA; her long-running stage series, “Afterbirth… stories you won’t read in a parenting magazine” draws a terrific range of performers sharing monologues about the sublime and ridiculous moments of daily family life. Her laugh-out-loud funny essay for Cassoulet shares her white food story, a story that involves the musicals of Moss Hart, a carrot in the bathtub, and three simple recipes, including one just for hardworking, stressed-out moms, to help get them through the day.