by Lisa

One of the iconic things about any childhood is ice cream, and we had a local shop in my home town that had no rivals, but when we went down the shore we always flocked to Kohr’s Frozen Custard stand on the boardwalk. In 1919 the Kohr’s brothers pioneered soft serve style ice cream, but the product is richer, creamier and more flavorful than the standard fare, and it contains eggs. It’s simple–vanilla, chocolate, orange, raspberry, usually eaten in twists–but (for me) highly addictive.


One of the more epic food memories of my childhood is of my best friend’s father, who used to make the hour+ drive to the Jersey Shore whenever he had a hankering for Kohr’s.

So of course we took the kids there. Of course they ate their cones before I could think to put my own down and snap a picture.


But the custard really does exist, and it really is that good, so if you find yourself in Point Pleasant, get one for yourself and see if you can hold off long enough to get a picture.