by Lisa


A few weeks before Christmas, I found a recipe for caffe con correto con panna in La Cucina Italiana, one of my favorite food magazines. Basically, this translates to liquor-spiked coffee with chocolate and sweetened cream.  I bought a bottle of Frangelico, which I had hitherto assumed was for people who liked drinks involving lots of props, and Kory and I tried it out before the Christmas Eve dinner, at which I thought I might like to serve it. A few days later, the bottle was empty.  In our defense, it was a small bottle.

We are now happily making our way through a second bottle, and we call this grown-up treat The Coffee Drink, because we can’t be bothered to write in Italian every night on the board.

The original recipe is linked above. Our version has adjusted the amounts a bit, and we often substitute a really strong, dark chocolate sauce, which we just have around in the refrigerator, for the chopped chocolate, because it’s a big time saver when the urge comes over you.

For each drink:

Pour 4-6 oz of espresso (or very dark roast coffee) over

1 tsp very good quality, very dark chocolate sauce.

Stir to mix.

Add 1-2 oz Frangelico (to taste, we like it strong)

Top with a generous spoonful of fresh, sweetened whipped cream. (