Perhaps if I were a more professional food blogger, I would have tried this recipe a couple weeks ago, and then posted it last week in time for you all to decide to make it, too.

But I am not at all a professional food blogger, just someone — I expect rather like you — who sees appealing photos and links to recipes and thinks, “I could make that, too.” And so I did. With the kids. The kids declared them as delicious as the store bought kind, then noticed my expression and announced that ours are in fact better. Good kids.

I found the recipe on the always-fabulous Food52, leaving out the vanilla bean seeds and orange blossom water, since my pantry’s not that fully stocked. You can coat them in simply melted chocolate and keep them in the fridge, or temper your chocolate to get a beautiful sheen. Food52 offers good directions for tempering chocolate, or you can read about how Lisa tempered chocolate to coat caramels (and then also note the delicious caramel recipe); it’s not at all complicated, but you really should have a good digital thermometer (which I don’t) and a lot of patience (which is hard to maintain when chocolate’s involved). So our eggs aren’t coated with tempered chocolate, but they are delicious nonetheless.

I think I might dig this recipe out again at Christmas time, skip the yellow food coloring and flavor the filling with a drop or two of peppermint extract. They’d also be nice for Valentine’s with an all-pink filling and maybe a drop of rosewater. So maybe I’m not such a professional food blogger, but I am thinking ahead.