Gregory Dicum is many things: a freelance writer and frequent contributor to The New York Times, The Economist, and elsewhere; the author of 6 books, most recently The Pisco Book; and co-founder and President of MondoWindow, a company which enhances the experience of air travel and grew out of his book Window Seat: Reading the Landscape from the Air.  You should try it next time you fly.

Whether he’s writing about new technology, travel, food, or the environment, Greg brings to his subjects a global perspective, a transparent, compellingly readable style, and real vision. His brilliant, philosophical  story about his path to veganism morphed over the years Cassoulet was in development because in the time it took our book to come to press, his son was born. This event, life changing for anyone, revealed to him a new aspect to an already compelling moral quandary. In “Vegging Out,” Dicum takes a deeply personal and unflinching look at what it really means to eat ethically.  From a slaughter house in Bolivia to a jar of herring in San Francisco, Greg examines his choices with brutal honesty and dry wit.  It’s one of the most compelling and provocative essays in the book, and it’s as impossible to turn away from his prose as from the problem he presents. It’s an essay everyone should read. We’re just glad you get to read it in Cassoulet.