When we wrote to Wylie Dufresne, asking if he’d have a look at our new book, we thought it would be a longshot. We knew he had young family & a new restaurant opening.  Would you blurb a stranger’s book under those circumstances?  Really?

And yet, he was generous enough to offer his support:

“A fantastic collection that is as much about relationships as it is about the food that bonds us. You will never look at your family dinner in the same way again.” –Wylie Dufresne, owner/chef WD-50 & Alder

Today, Cassoulet contributor, Jeff Gordinier, reviews Dufresne’s new restuarant, Alder in the Times.  There’s not much better than pub grub made better. Except maybe pub grub made better and served in my old old neighborhood.  Now Alder is the first place I plan to eat when we’re back east with the book. If we can get in.