by Caroline

Every February, the boys have a week off school and we go to the snow. A few years ago, this meant packing a cooler full of breakfast and lunch foods we could fix during a skating-snow shoeing-sledding holiday in Yosemite. Last year, we rented a condo in Lake Tahoe, and discovered the importance of afternoon snack-craft projects.

Our snow vacation has never really been about the food, though this year that started to change a bit. We stayed in a different area in Lake Tahoe and had a great restaurant meal; in fact, for Ben, the highlight of the trip was not skiing blue runs nor taking the chair lift without any adult supervision, but the pasta dish the chef at Manzanita produced for him. And my own food highlight was our last lunch on the mountain, at a new spot with a salad bar and rice or noodle bowls topped with a nice vegetable curry.

Of course, after a full morning of skiing, everybody is hungry and nobody is picky. But it’s nice to feel our food options becoming a bit more expansive.