By Lisa

We are big time into the Women’s World Cup right now, which is turning out to be one of the greatest sporting events of the year for us.  Amazing female athletes, an amazing US team, little commercialism, or ego, or marketing, and heart-stoppingly dramatic games.  The games have been a tremendous source of inspiration, especially for our athlete-daughter who is so fortunate to have opportunity and mentors all around her.

For the US quarter-final game against Brazil, a couple of Ella’s teammates came over for a pajama-party USA themed breakfast: pancakes with red/white/blue strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream. It wasn’t about the food. The food was fun, but the game was the centerpiece of the morning.  Offering pancakes was just an excuse for getting some of them together to root for their players, then celebrate, and the extra whipped cream came in handy when we all needed a pick-me-up during the nail biting overage time.

After, they swarmed the park & had an impromptu meet up with another teammate and her dad.

Caroline makes a lot of different kinds of pancakes: lemony, snack, picture perfect, pumpkin . We just make one.  Let us know what you did for the semifinals today!