By Lisa

We recently had one of the most fun dinner parties we’ve had in a long time.  Great friends, who love to eat, brought over their son for my son, along with a terrific chard and mushroom lasagna inspired by their CSA box.  We met at our house so Ella could have a friend over as well. Good times were had by all. We had a separate table set for the kids, and they had a lovely time eating, but even more fun doing whatever it is kids do when grown up s ignore them: dress up, Lego, spying, giant block cities…

To figure out what to make for dessert, I looked around my kitchen, then looked out my window.

I remembered the Orange Polenta Cake I made last year, which is one of my most favorite cakes.  Ever.  It’s moist, crumbly, and a little bit of bitterness offsets the sweetness. It’s perfectly seasonal.  The recipe is online, thank goodness, since I hadn’t bothered to save or clip it.  But it’s here, now, too, and you should try it.  It’s terrific with coffee, too.

The recipe is here. With a picture. Yours will look exactly like this.