by Lisa

A really, really, really long time ago, a friend asked if we would write about breakfast. Specifically:  she had noticed her son was much happier at school, had more energy, got a better start to the day, when he had a really nice breakfast, i.e. more than cold cereal.  I knew she was right when we had the discussion. But serving a nice, warm breakfast on a school morning can take time, energy, creativity. And I am not one of those people with lots of time or energy or creativity in the morning, I never took pictures of breakfast, I didn’t have too many weekday breakfasts to take pictures of, and I generally tended to forget about breakfast as soon as the dishes are cleared.

I still don’t have pictures, but I do have the evidence that feeding them better in the morning makes them happier, calmer, better ready to the meet the long morning at school. This is as important for my 3rd grader as it is for my kindergartner who is tackling full days, mostly with great energy and spirit (& I don’t mean that in the “my child is spirited” euphemistic way.)

However.  I still can’t bring myself to get up early. I stay up way to late reading. (Last night, it was Cristina Nehring’s terrific new single about becoming a mother, confronting her daughter’s leukemia, learning about …well, everything. You should read it.)  But we have figured out some things about how to vary the offerings. The kids still eat cold cereal some days, but we also have a wider offering of foods that can be prepared really quickly.

Because here’s the thing: we don’t get up until 7 am. By 7:40 am the kids have to: get dressed, eat, make beds, feed cats, clean litter box. Kory and I have to make coffee, feed kids, make lunches, empty dishwasher, and he has to get dressed.  But we manage, and most mornings run smoothly.  This means, breakfast is on the table in 15 minutes.  Below is a list of (warm) things that we can get on the table by 7:15.  We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

  • Sweet Rice, made from leftover rice
  • Steel cut porridge, cooked in the rice cooker which has a timer. I set it the night before & it’s ready to go at 7 AM
  • Fried egg, mini bagel + cream cheese
  • Scrambled egg + tortilla=mini breakfast burrito
  • Instant oatmeal
  • Left over pancakes (AKA snack pancakes in Caroline’s house)
  • Leftover waffles
  • French toast (this one really only works if I’m up a little earlier, say, by 7:45)
  • Finn has also been known to eat leftover macaroni & cheese.  Not Ella.