By Lisa

We have continued our tradition of kidtinis on these winter weekends, even though MadMen is no longer sustaining us.  The kids love them, and think their dad is famous because if you Google “kidtini drinks” the first hits are the recipes on this site:  The 7Up Kidtini, the Pomegranate Kidtini, and the one that started it all.    One of the latest was also one of the simplest and prettiest, and followed the basic rules of not-too-sweet, seasonal goodness for kids.

Pomegranate Clementine Kidtini

For each drink, pour into a durable martini glass:

  • Pomegranite soda or Seltzer + splash of pomegranite juice
  • A thin slice of clementine, floated on top

It’s true that these drinks are more style than substance, not unlike Esme Squalor’s Aqueous Martini (very, very cold water, served in a fancy glass, with an olive), but at our house, like those self-same villanous drinks, they continue to be very, very in.