by Caroline
apple snaps

We are all about Fantastic Mr. Fox these days. Ben just finished reading the book in school, we loved the movie, we are singing the song and now — eating the cookies! It was Tony who recognized the familiar voice of Rabbit (Mario Batali) in the movie, Ben who kept talking about Mrs. Bean’s Famous Nutmeg Ginger Apple Snaps (and is the only one of us who can get all the modifiers in the proper order) and I was the one who thought to see if the recipe was available on-line. Of course it is. I have never made a cookie — or anything else for that matter — that I first saw in a movie (though I did once make a recipe off a bottle of shower gel) and while our cookies may not look as gorgeous as they do in the movie (because I’m no food stylist) they are deliciously chewy, gingery, appley — they’re fantastic!