by Lisa


The boy loved the chocolate card his sister made him, and his shiny new red bike, but most of all he craves one thing and one thing only:  LEGO.

I tell, you, the boy’s passion for the bricks surpasseth all else; the glory of a new kit transcends every earthly joy he has known thus far. In his fifth year, Finn has dedicated himself to the difficult discipline of interlocking  geometry and re-made himself into something of patient zen master. His room has become a shrine, the place he repairs to for the “quiet” he craves in which to build, and when he emerges, sometimes 4 hours later, it is with crazed but beatific look of a saint: utterly otherworldly and fanatically contented.


And so, we had no choice but to make the boy a LEGO cake for the LEGO birthday party he had with another friend.

He emerged from his domain long enough to help make the cake with his sister, which we did in a floury mess two days before.  We used the Devil Dog Cake from Smitten Kitchen,
which is a moist, chocolate cake with marshmallow filling and which, like all the Smitten Kitchen cakes, was terrific.


And Kory worked his magic the night before the party.


He did have a few WWDD moments (What Would Duff Do?), as squares are remarkably less forgiving than volcano shapes, and a less-moist cake would also have helped, but the end result was, well, you can see for yourself:


It was, as you can imagine, a huge hit with the 5 & under set. And at pick-up, their parents didn’t mind a small slice either.

The only problem is that between this and the Volcano Cake, the bar has been set.  There will be no rest for Kory until the kids can roll fondant on their own.