posted by Lisa

Not every day can be food paradise.

On Saturday, we woke up late, which meant a late start for the North Shore. I neglected to eat breakfast, so by the time we stopped in Lihue to replace the Ella’s cheesy dancing hula girl miniature that Finley had broken the night before, and got to Hanalei, it was 11 am. The farmer’s market, which we loved last year, was a huge disappointment, due to a massive downpour which meant few stalls. When I dashed out from the tent under which we had sheltered, Ella and Finn devoured my raspberry coconut twist-pastry thing, which was really good and island-y–and I wouldn’t have minded sharing so much, but they had already eaten a banana muffin and a mango muffin.

We stopped for a fish taco, but they were $10 each and I figured they couldn’t possibly be any better than the truly superb ones we get every week at Sancho’s, so we passed, and that meant Shave Ice Paradise for lunch. Not my healthiest food decision, but none of us minded one bit.

We at the pretty pedestrian picnic lunch I had packed on Aninni beach: hard boiled eggs, cheese, bread, mangos and bananas from the market, rice crackers. But on the way home I was hungry and had a headache, and the kids were tired and had already devoured the rest of the rice crackers and peanut butter crackers, and Kory wanted shave ice again, so we stopped at a roadside truck, so Kory could test his theory about whether trucks on the side of the road serve better things than actual storefront.

His theory was disproven.

Dinner was Annie’s instant mac ‘n cheese for the kids, and steamed green beans from the market. They pretty much fell asleep in their plates.

Kory & I picked up some poke and ocean salad and steamed rice on the lanai, which was actually pretty great.