posted by Lisa

When we’re here, we like to get to the beach early–often before 8 am–although we don’t have much choice as the kids are up by 6 am, and sometimes before depending on the din of the roosters. I like it that early, because the beach is empty and pacific, and this year, the tide has been low, so we hunt for hermit crabs and snowflake moray eels and fish and sea snails and sea cucumbers. It’s always different…

But this means we’re home for naps by 1 pm, and we return to the beach in late afternoon until 5 or 5:30. By the time we get home we’re all hungry, and I have no tolerance for fancy or involved. So on Day 2:

I started the rice cooker, chopped up the fiddlehead ferns and threw them in a foil packet with a little olive oil and red sea salt.

After showers, Kory took the ahi out to the grill, which had been marinating in Huli Huli sauce, which is diluted soy sauce, sugar, ginger and is good on just about anything.

While he grilled outside with the kids, I sliced the cucumber, tomatoes, and avocado from the Sunshine market.

I threw some (organic, prewashed) microgreens in the salad bowl, and set the table on the lanai.

I poured a little Huli Huli sauce in a bowl, added a small amount of ginger & fresh scallion (also from the Sunshine market) and had instant dipping sauce.

Fiddleheads were steamed in foil on the grill with snap peas:

Yes, we had a lot of food.

Dinner was done in the time it took the fish to grill. I couldn’t get a picture of the tuna on the table. As soon as it was set down, before I even sat down, it was on the kid’s plates.

We’re working on the manners.

But, after dinner, Finn accompanied Ella while she painted the sunset. Kory & I finished the wine.