posted by Caroline

While Lisa and her family were off in Hawaii, the Grant family took its first European vacation, a trip that I’ll have plenty to say about here. And once we’re done writing about our vacations, we’ll both get back to the day to day of feeding our kids at home. But before any of that, a quick post about returning home:

Getting home, especially after 19 hours of travel, means dropping the bags at the front door, checking the fridge, making a grocery list, and (depending on what time we walk in the door) polling the family about what take-out they want for dinner. Yesterday we’d been home less than an hour before Tony had walked to the market for milk, eggs, and bread, and then picked up unapologetic take-out from the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. Our standard order (unchanged in 6 years): szechuan green beans; millennia veggies (with tofu, brocoli, eggplant, snow peas, shitake mushrooms and carrots),  Nanking noodles (fat noodles with chunks of tofu and whole basil leaves) and brown rice. The boys ate heartily, their first balanced meal in over a week.

This morning, jet lagged, I was up making granola at 6.

It’s good to be home.